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Dank Cannabis is a Canada based company with a convenient website that makes it easy to order weed in Calgary with a 2-hour guaranteed delivery. for pickup or delivery from your favorite dispensary (hello Dank!). They have a wide variety of options available that you can go through and choose between whether you want to order your favorites or try something new. In just 30 seconds, you can sign up to become a member of Dank Cannabis today and quickly become age verified, so you can purchase confidently time and time again!

Do you ever wish you could return home from a busy day with fresh weed at your door, or you have a busy week and don’t want to worry about remembering to go to a dispensary to have fresh weed for the weekend? If yes, check out Dank Cannabis’s delivery system! 

Are you craving some fresh new dank but don’t feel like leaving the house or picking it up on the way home from a busy day? If you’re in Calgary, Canada, you can enjoy their same-day delivery options! Checkout their extensive lists of places that they offer same-day delivery in each of the four parts of Calgary: northwest Calgary, northeast Calgary, southwest Calgary, and southeast Calgary. You can checkout their same-day delivery page here to learn more details on how to get in on this convenient experience. Whether you’re in Arbour Lake or Willow Park, so long as you order by either of the two cut off times highlighted on the website, you’ll soon have weed ready at your doorstep!

So, you don’t live in Calgary, but you’re still very interested in Dank weed store’s convenient delivery service. Fret not! They also offer mail order marijuana for cities and towns in Alberta. With Dank’s Calgary dispensary offering such a wide variety of cannabis products and being the number one legal weed delivery service, you can confidently order from this reputable dispensary. Whether you order your usual favorites or try new things from their extensive menus, you’ll be sure to love it!

If you want our high quality service face to face, you can visit our dispensaries in Ogden, Dover, and Parkdale! Here, you can speak to our insightful Dank team members, who are happy to provide you with one-on-one help. We are committed to serving Calgary and Alberta as a whole with high quality products and service that is sure to satisfy. Our conveniently located Ogden location is open 12 hours a day, every single day, from 10:00am-10:00pm. Our convenient locations in Dover and Parkdale have varied hours but are open for at least 13 hours every day, with each being open an extra hour on Fridays and Saturdays.

Dank is a locally owned business, so you can feel confident that they sincerely want to provide you with the best service possible. They are also dog friendly, so if you stroll by a dispensary with your dog in hand you can go right in without concern. Just make sure Fido’s leashed!

Humongous THC Menu

Dank’s giant THC menu is broken down into ten different categories: Flower, Pre-Rolls, Vape, Concentrates, Edibles, Drinks, Cannabidoil, Accessories, Seeds, and Topicals, all of which will be described below. Dank also grows their own cannabis so they can offer top-tier cannabis at competitive prices. 

Cannabis Flower

In their Flower category, they offer a variety of hybrids, sativas, and indicas at various potency levels of CBD and THC in quantities from 1 gram to 1 ounce so you can find the perfect flower for you.

Cannabis Pre-Rolls

They also offer sativa, hybrid, and indica Pre-Rolls at varying levels of potency and in singles or packs, so you can choose your favorite Pre-Roll potency and quantity. This extensive selection is the best of any Calgary dispensary!

Prefilled 510-thread Vape Cartridges

The Dank cannabis store offers the highest quality 510-threaded cartridges in Calgary, as highlighted in the Vape category of their menu. Other local dispensaries offer low quality cartridges at inflated prices, but not Dank. Dank carries your favorite brands of concentrate and other brands that you’ll be sure to enjoy! Dank’s premium 510-threaded cartridges are available in .45g, .5g, and 1g. You can also find high-CBD, sativa, indica, and hybrid cartridges at Dank at various potencies so you can choose the best cartridges for you!

Cannabis Concentrates

The Concentrates category of Dank’s wide menu offers a wide variety of concentrates from your favorites to concentrates that you have yet to try but are sure to like! They offer live resin, shatter, rosin, kief, wax, and other concentrates that you can sort by potency and brand so you can customize your order to best suit your tastes. Their wide variety of concentrates makes Dank a perfect choice for topping off your bowl or dabbing your ideal strain.

Dank Edibles

Dank offers a wide selection of edibles so you can choose your favorite snack and strain infusion combination that you can choose from in their Edibles menu. They offer infused chocolates, tablets, chews, hard candies, and capsules so you can purchase whichever you’re craving. As with many of their products, you can select a variety of different potencies and and brands.

CBD- and THC-infused Drinks

Dank dispensaries actively update their available products as the cannabis market evolves, and here is an example of them doing just that. Their Drinks category offers a variety of CBD and THC infused beverages for you to find your new favorite infused drink!


Dank’s Cannabidoil category offers isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum options ensuring that you receive the highest-quality CBD in drinks, chocolates, cartridges, and more. You can try something new or go with your old favorites, and you are sure to be satisfied either way.

Unique Cannabis Related Accessories

Dank dispensary’s Accessory category includes a wide variety of unique accessories for you to choose from, so you can shop for interesting additions to your collection without breaking the bank. Explore their options of quality grinders, premium rolling paper, beautiful glassware, and much more! Dank carefully curates its accessories selection to its customers, so your new kit will be sure to be unique from those around you and will gain you many compliments.

Cannabis Seeds

Dank’s Seed category carries exactly what it sounds like it does: high-quality cannabis seeds from brands that you know and love. You can choose from your favorite feminized, autoflower, or regular seeds for your ideal grow. If you are unsure which seeds would best suit you, feel free to reach out to their knowledgeable danktenders who are happy to help both in-store and online. You can select from the most popular marijuana strains with these marijuana seeds. 

CBD and THC Topicals

Cannabis care and products doesn’t stop at the fun of smoking, there are also a variety of topical products available for sale in Dank’s Topicals category! You can find your favorite or your new favorite cannabis infused cream today at Dank.

Dank is a line of highly rated and trusted cannabis stores, and you can view their high class facility through their 5 star Facebook page here. Their overwhelmingly positive Google reviews also speak for themselves, with a vast majority of customers citing fantastic customer service from employees well aware of the details of the dispensary’s inventory and how to help each customer on a one-on-one basis and their high quality products that they decide to come back for whenever they visit. Many reviews even have the names of the danktenders who helped them on their last visit, showing that they take their position seriously and want to help visitors out as best as they can. Customers also overwhelmingly agree that the store has a clean, comfortable atmosphere and that the unbeatable customer service, along with the extensive menu with varying brands at reasonable prices, will have them becoming new regulars to Dank dispensaries.

Everyone loves a good rewards program! If you needed any other reason beyond their high quality service and products to come back to Dank time and time again for all of your cannabis needs, this is it! Joining Dank’s rewards program, the Dank Club, provides you with access to exciting local events, freebies, and promos and each of your purchases earns you points to exchange for discounts. Earning points grants you rewards and sweet deals like 20% off every 10th visit to their dispensaries and 5% off of all of their accessories! You can customize your member alerts to stay in the know for what you care about in the weed world, as shared to you by your favorite cannabis store.

Joining the Dank Club also grants you 5% off of all regularly priced non-cannabis items that Dank has in stock at all times, and access to exclusive Dank merchandise that you can show off with.


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