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6 Best Character Maker Websites For Free

When enjoying social media, it’s a trend to make icons for anime-style 2D characters. In addition to icons, there are many people who use 2D and 3D avatar photos using 2D character creation tools without showing their faces in posted videos. Cute 2D characters are widely used for business purposes. Many character creation tools are now offering services to create original 2D characters.

The introduction of these character or avatar making has become trend now. You can generate 2D character illustrations and 3D models with just a few clicks. Further, you can easily adjust it to your liking, and you can use it for free. More and more character makers are very useful for creating icons, logos, posters, etc.

In this article, we have listed 6 Best Character Maker websites that you can use for free. Create your own anime characters or avatars with these character creation tools.

1. Picrew

Picrew is an online character and avatar maker and sharing website. It allows you to create avatars and characters with your own illustrations. The author is the image maker that created it, and you can create images and anime characters by combining your favorite items and parts.

Download the created image or share it with everyone on social media. The platform has been working since 2017 and has gained fame till now. On this platform, you are also allowed to use ready-made creations and modify them such as change hairstyle, colors, facial expression, accessories, and clothes. It’s a free site but you need to register to use it. Let’s make your own character with your illustrations.


  • Image makers can freely switch images and play. You are easily make image by mixing different parts and items.
  • There is an image maker that randomly generate images.
  • In order to make an original maker, the ability to draw a certain picture and the basic knowledge of layer division are essential.

2. Waifu Labs

“Waifu Labs” is a character maker that generates images of beautiful anime girls for free according to your preferences. It works on Artificial Intelligence that help you generate anime girls with your likes. People who like manga and anime known what is “Waifu”. It is a Japanese Romani character which is known as “Wife” in English.

To get started, you will be asked 4 questions about your preferences. AI will then decide, create and display anime girl that matches your answers. Furthermore, you can easily download that anime girl image by clicking “Download this girl”. The image will download in PNG format of 400px x 400px.


  • “Waifu Labs” provides a service that AI automatically generates an original “bride” by narrowing down your taste.
  • With a large number of anime character photos and presets stored in the database, you have a great chance of getting your favorite female character.
  • You can also order a printed pillow of that anime girl or your wife in $90. Also you can ask for poster in $25.

3. is another anime girl creator website that works on AI. It generates beautiful girl after you set hair color, eyes color, hairstyle, smile, face expression, blushing, etc. The user interface is quite easy to use. You need to fulfill the conditions that will be displayed on the screen and after that you can press “Generate” button. Further, you can download the image in 256px x 256px.


  • The “Noise” condition can be either random or fixed. If you make it random, a completely different character will be generated each time, but if you fix it, the character generated each time will be exactly the same.
  • In addition to the conditions of hair color, hairstyle, and eye color, “Blush”, “Smile”, “Open Mouth”, “Hat”, “Ribbon”, and “Glasses” (Glasses) “can be selected from” None / Random / Yes “.

4. Crypko

Crypko is a character maker website that generates anime-style face images using deep learning technology called GAN. Even a unprofessional can generate images of professional-level anime characters. Also, by learning the features of the image through GAN, you can smoothly convert between the generated illustrations. Not only the character can be generated automatically, but it can also reflect the maker’s tastes and thoughts. You can add a natural look and smooth movement to the generated character.


  • High-quality image generation has been achieved by deep learning of AI. The stability, quality, and variety of the generated images are excellent.
  • The Crypko code comes from the blockchain.
  • There are no duplicates generated as the characters are recorded as tokens on the blockchain.
  • The Crypko card is responsible for the function of virtual currency, and the user owns and copyrights the card he made. Also users are free to trade cards.

5. These Waifus Do Not Exist

“These Waifus Do Not Exist” is an online character creation tool that uses an AI algorithm called “StyleGAN”. It generates a large number of beautiful girl characters and show them side by side. When you visit the website, the illustration of the beautiful girls character is displayed like a tile, and the tiled image is replaced at regular intervals.


  • The generated character image does not always look neat. There are many images where the body is cheated or the outline melts.
  • A large number of character face images are lined up and updated every few seconds, so you can definitely find your favorite beautiful girl.
  • Since the character of a beautiful girl is generated completely randomly, the user cannot customize the character by adjusting the parameters by himself.


CHARAT is like Picrew. It is a maker of dress-up and cartoons (caricatures). You can also use this to create cute characters and original images. Users also call it an avatar creation tool, an icon creation tool, and character creation tool. As a character maker website that can make cute avatars, CHARAT can create original characters with simple steps! The created image can be used as an icon for social media profiles.


  • There are four types of functions: avatar creation, DRESSUP, chibi character maker, and cat maker.
  • There is also a service that allows tall girls to be made.
  • Even if you don’t have any programming knowledge, you can make an image but you need to make it into several layers.
  • As an online service, you can easily operate it on your smartphone without a computer.

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